How good is an Ebike?

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How good is an ebike?

As usual the answer is “It all depends”

What are the advantages? – well for a start all the advantages of a normal pedal bike but more so:

Smoothing out the hills

Using the energy stored in the batteries gives the rider the ability to go beyond their usual range. Hills are obstacles for most people.) Overcoming obstacles is satisfying so most people enjoy cycling more often

No need to break a sweat

Cycling on level well paved roads is a breeze (hence the popularity of bikes in Holland etc) but often in the UK this is not reality. No need to change your clothes or take a shower at your destination. Carry loads such as shopping or work needs without having to fret over the extra weight.


It is easier to pull away from a standing start with motor assistance. In busy conditions or when crossing oncoming traffic this is a great plus. Travelling at slightly higher speeds can save motorists feeling the need to overtake dangerously. Proper brake lights help car drivers to predict your actions as well.

Greater comfort

Because aerodynamics and energy transfer are not such a concern ebikes can have softer and more comfortable rides and a more relaxed posture.

Go further

On longer rides the cyclist can regulate the amount of energy used from the battery to extend the adventure without tiring.

(Ebikes should really have disc brakes to slow down effectively too)

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